Give in to Temptation,
Try Devil’s Sister Tonight

Devil’s Sister Kentucky Whiskey

Introducing Devil’s Sister, a hand-selected 5-year Kentucky whiskey featuring, a striking smokiness, subtle notes of caramel and burnt sugar, with a sultry smooth finish.

Devil’s Sister Peach

Devil’s Sister Peach is infused with a lush peach flavor balanced with hints of smokey caramel and a kiss of honey to yield a sinfully sweet, savory spirit with a sultry smooth finish.


She is sinfully smooth,
smells of smokey caramel kisses.
Her taste, a playful sting.

She wants tonight.
She tempts. She beckons.
She awakens the fire inside.


The Devil’s Sister Made you Do It

Check out some of the Devil’s Sister lascivious libations to make good use of your idle hands.


Dance with
the Devil’s Sister

Order a bottle online - hell, maybe, two -
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Devil’s Sister Kentucky Whiskey

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